Legendary Innovation, Leadership and Partnership

When you partner with Life Science Nutritionals (LSN), you partner with the leader in probiotic gummies in North America. Since 2005, Life Science Nutritionals has led the way in gummy manufacturing. We are the first to introduce omega gummies and pectin-based dietary supplement gummies for adults in Canada and are the first North American probiotic gummy facility. A culture of innovation and talented R&D teams has kept LSN at the forefront category pioneers.

Our team brings decades of real-life insight to help you build winning product pipelines and innovation strategies. Our dedicated account managers put the plans into action with turnkey solutions that ensures your success.

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Best Facilities, Most Packaging Options and Top Quality

gummies-3-web-minWhen you are ready to turn your alternative supplement vision into reality and introduce it to the world, partner with Life Science Nutritionals. We scale to meet your needs from launch through mass production.

We know that your brand’s success depends on a positive product customer experience. To ensure customer delight, we offer an unparalleled range of options for packaging as well as product shapes, sizes and colours. And, our commitment to quality is legendary. Certified by US and Canadian regulators, we operate allergen-free facilities that strictly adhere to the highest standards and practices. When your customers experience your product, “delicious” will be the word on the tip of their tongue. Our proprietary formulations and premium ingredients deliver superior shelf-stability, taste and texture.

End-To-End Services Make Your Vision Real

At Life Science Nutritionals, we turn your vision into reality. We partner with you by bringing expert resources to every step of the development, manufacturing, packaging and distribution process. Our gummy scientists support you from conceptualization to commercialization. To create the perfect gummy, we can customize your formula or apply one of our formulations to work with your idea.

Whether your plans call for design of a unique product or use an existing formula, we work with you to make sure your product is manufactured to your specifications, including your preferred raw materials. And, rest assured that we safeguard the confidentiality of your formula, with strict controls to ensure that your formula is protected.

Warehousing and Distribution

We manage your storage and shipping to maximize quality protection and minimize costs with:

  • Strict controls to manage raw materials and finished goods that are shipped and received
  • Commitment to compliant, prompt and efficient delivery of goods
  • Wide range of shipping options that meet deadlines and specific needs


  • Strict processes ensure adherence to your formula
  • Technologically-advanced equipment increases efficiency and reduce costs
  • Ingredients are automatically weighed and measured to ensure a homogeneous mix of every ingredient
  • Lot and batch tracking of every ingredient and component

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